Our Story


Our mission at TAP to help everyday people access gluten-free, nutritious, and delicious food made authentically from Brazilian superfoods

Ethically & Authentically Sourced



We handpick our local providers and distributors to ensure our food and products are produced in a responsible, sustainable manner without compromising the safety or the well-being of the workers and everyone.


Our menu is packed with natural organic ingredients and the highest quality of antioxidants, created with you in mind to deliver great health benefits.


We source the highest-quality foods that are unrefined, minimally processed, and provide healthy sources of protein. 

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Roberto Simonsen

Founder & CEO

Roberto Simonsen founded TAP in 2017, after realizing the need for gluten-free food options that not only tasted great but were also healthy. That's when he decided to introduce to Americans delicious food & drinks that are made using Tapioca & Açaí - 2 gluten-free superfoods from his homeland of Brazil. After spending most of his life working in the financial industry, he is now following his long-time passion for food and the hospitality industry.  

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Cleofas Uchoa

Partner & COO

Cleo moved to the USA from Brazil in 2018 and shortly after he arrived in NYC he joined forces with Roberto with the purpose to help expand TAP all over NYC and the USA. 

He has played an important role in helping open and operate 2 TAP stores in New York with 2 more locations opening later this summer.  His mission is to connect people to the healthy and delicious superfoods he grew up with in his beautiful hometown of Rio de Janeiro while staying connected to his roots.

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